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Bleach Stain Repair

Bleach spots on carpet is a common problem for many home and business owners. Whether resulting from a spill of household bleach or other chemicals, bleach spots often result in unsightly faded white, yellow or orange blemishes on your carpet. Bleach spots can’t be cleaned like other stains because bleach actually removes the color from your carpet. The good news is that we repair bleach spots and match color loss in your carpet. It doesn’t matter if the color loss has occurred on a solid color carpet or intricate multi-color patterns; we can repair and restore them.

How JDog Removes Bleach Spots
& Stains from Carpet

The first step we take is neutralizing the bleach. We then proceed to custom create colors to match the original colors and carefully add the dye to the faded carpet using several application methods ranging from an airbrush, spray bottle or syringe.

After a bleach spot, your alternatives are hiding the stain, carpet repair via cutting and patching, replacing the carpet in that room or the most less intrusive and best all-round option, carpet dyeing. JDog can repair bleach spots on virtually any residential or commercial carpet by dyeing and matching the bleach spot to the existing color of the surrounding carpet.

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