We are on a mission to empower Veteran business ownership. We believe in Respect, Integrity, and Trust. We follow the principles of hard work, dedication, and community service.

Pet Friendly

We make sure to use pet friendly detergents, as an owner with pets myself I would not want anything harsh being used in my own home. We understand that pets are family and there is nothing more important than being clean and safe in your home.


We use eco-friendly, pet friendly cleaning detergents to make sure there is nothing left behind when all has been cleaned. As well as dispose of our dirty water into sanitary systems to make sure that it goes through the proper process of being treated and cleaned.

Respectful Service

We arrive when expected. We respect your time, your home and your belongings. We are licensed, where required, and fully insured.

Hardwood Flooring Cleaning
in Montgomery County, PA

From carpets to hardwood and tile to power washing, JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care offers a range of cleaning services for residential and commercial customers. Our local business operators are Veterans and Military family members who ensure our services are delivered the Military way–with Respect, Integrity, and Trust.

Our services aren’t limited to just carpets. We offer a number of options to make your home or business clean inside and out.

We are a team of Veterans and Military family members who live and work by the ethos we learned during our time serving our country. Every time you invite us into your home, you can hold us to high standards–we expect nothing less.


Floor Buffing, Stripping, Waxing & Cleaning
Services in Montgomery County, PA

Refresh your vinyl tile floor with stripping and refinishing services. Our floor stripping services, we remove any old wax that’s still on your floor, bringing it down to the vinyl surface. Then, we apply fresh coats of wax to brighten, polish, and protect the vinyl from future wear. Our commercial floor waxing process restores neglected floors in heavily trafficked areas and makes them look as good as new, giving your facility an aesthetic boost.

We specialize in the cleaning of VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) floors. This style of flooring is most commonly found in hospitals, daycares, schools, retail and grocery stores. VCT Tile absorbs moisture where oil and soil get trapped, leaving it looking dull. No matter how much you mop it, this type of floor never gets its shine back, unless treated by a professional.

Get in touch with us if your floors are looking a little worse for wear. We can give you a no-obligation estimate to get started or schedule services to get your floors back in shape as soon as possible.

What to Expect

On the day of the job, our friendly crew will arrive with all the necessary tools and other supplies. You can expect our workers to introduce themselves to you so that you’ll know who’s on the property at all times. If you’ve opted to have an estimate done at the same time as the job, then they’ll start with the estimate. Otherwise, they’ll review the scope of work with you and get started on the cleanout. When the work is done, they’ll collect payment from you and then be on their merry way.

Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care

We offer a full range of carpet cleaning and floor care services for residential and commercial properties. Our services aren’t limited to just carpets. We offer a number of options to make your home or business clean inside and out.

We handle small and large cleanings alike. Free estimates are always available, and we offer a judgment-free zone.

Tile & Grout
Hardwood Floor
Floor Cleaning
Our services go beyond wine, ink, and pet stain removal. We are known for our carpet and hardwood floor cleaning services, mattress cleaning, soft power washing, and more. Simply call us today at 844-655-JDOG for a free quote, to schedule a cleaning, and to learn about our other services. We are standing by, ready for your call and are eager to serve you the Military way.

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